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Men don't respond to my emails, why?
Dating Advice

Men don't respond to my emails, why?

I’ve been sending lots of emails to guys but I hardly get any responses. Is there something wrong with my messages?  > to the article

What lies ahead for us?
Online Magazine

If only we had a crystal ball and could see into the future of a new relationship ... But as we all know, life's not like that. No one has all the answers and many relationships break down. Sometimes it becomes clear within weeks that there is not enough to keep two people together, while other couples can carry on for years. There will always be differences between two people, but sometimes potential 'killer' issues can be spotted right at the beginning.  > to the article

Dr Lukats
Online Magazine

We can gain valuable insights by taking a look at the patterns of our past and present relationships, whether with potential partners or with close friends and family.  > to the article

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